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           NEC MultiSync® 90 Series  
Perfect balance between cutting-edge technologies and deisgn to develop an intelligent and versatile LCD.
The NEC MultiSync®90 Series showcases NEC’s most sohpisticated features to meet the demanding needs of the most discerning professionaluser. The 20” NEC MultiSync LCD2090UXi-BK-1 and 21” NEC MultiSync LCD2190UXp-BK boasts nearly 30 new features, delivering brilliant, vivid viewing and unparalleled colour and screen performance. The NEC MultiSync®90 Series also features an ultra thin bezel to save desk space for multi-monitor application.

 Advanced Technologies to complement a revolutionary flat-panel monitor.
TileMatrixTM ,which is controlled through Advanced OSMTM, allows the user to build video walls of various configurations. This feature saves the user both time and money when compared to other connection solutions. It is able to utilize up to 25 monitors (in a 5x5 matrix) that display a shared image for a multitude of applications, including advertising and tradeshows. The NEC MultiSync®90 Series’ CableComp+TM allows users to enjoy the benefits of long analog or digital monitor cable lengths without the typical costs and dificulties, such as costly repeaters, associated with this type of configuration. CableComp+TM  enables monitor upgrades, service and repairs to occur in work environments such as trading floors and call centres without interrupting said work environment.

Superior screen performance.
Contrast ratios are up to 1000:1 and brightness quality is up to 300cd/m2. Technologies such as AmbiBrightTM and XtraView+TM adjusts the display’s brightness based on lighting conditions and allows for the widest viewing angles available with minimal off-angle colour shift respectively. Rapid ResponseTM technology provides for lifelike full-motion video display without distortion at a response time as quick as 4ms. ColorCompTM electronically improves screen uniformity and compensates for differences in colour/grayscale and luminance using newly designed signal processing circuitry.

Wide compatibility for today and tomorrow.
With Ambix 3TM technology– which utilizes DVI-I, DVI-D and traditional 15-pin VGA connectors–you can bridge the gap between analog and digital systems by allowing the same monitor to work seamlessly in either environment. Ambix provides compatibility with today’s computer systems and is on the forefront of tomorrow’s digital output. Ambix 3TM allows for a number of single-, dual-, or triple input configurations with its triple interface architecture.  



 MultiSync®90 Series Models
  2090UXi-BK-1 2190UXp-BK
   MultiSync®P232W MultiSync® P242W
Screen Size[inch]
Viewing Angle [°]
(typ. at contrast ratio 10:1)
178 horizontal / 178 vertical 
178 horizontal / 178 vertical
Contrast Ratio (typ.)
Brightness (typ.) [cd/m²]
Optimum Resolution
 1600 x 1200 at 60 Hz
 1600 x 1200 at 60 Hz
Digital: 1 x DVI-D;
Digital/ Analog: 1 x DVI-I
Analog: 1 x VGA
 Digital: 1 x DVI-D
 Digital/ Analog: 1 x DVI-I
 Analog: 1 x VGA
   Frontal View   Frontal View
   Side View   Side View