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           NEC MultiSync® X Series  
Revolutionizing the way LCD video walls are perceived.
The NEC MultiSync X Series encompasses next generation technology, allowing video walls to be as large as 60m2 with virtually invisible bezels as small as 2.7mm and is packed with features that make simple instant calibration and heat management, LAN servicing, easy mounting and alignment and much more, a reality. The NEC MultiSync X Series displays meet the niche requirements for even the most challenging display applications and environments.
Designed to last.
TThe 46” X461UN boasts advanced heat management and higher standard components. Public displays emit a certain amount of heat during operation that will become a significant consideration when building a video wall. Excellent ventilation is essential, as temperatures frequently rise from row to row. 46” X461UN’s integrated temperature sensors allow the user not only to check the thermal status of individual screens, but to activate and regulate the fans of the product to provide a perfect operating environment as well.

Superior screen performance.
With contrast ratios at 3000:1 and brightness quality at 500cd/m2 typically, reaching a maximum brightness quality of 700 cd/m2, 46” X461UN delivers brilliant, vivid viewing.  Technologies such as XtraView+TM and  Rapid ResponseTM  allows for the widest viewing angles available with minimal off-angle colour shift and provides for lifelike full-motion video display without distortion at a response time as quick as 4ms respectively. TileMatrixTM ,which is controlled through Advanced OSMTM, allows the user to build video walls of various configurations. It is able to utilize up to 100 monitors (in a 10x10 matrix) that display a shared image for a multitude of applications, including advertising and tradeshows. Featuring state-of-the art calibrator and software, the Spectraview II  colour calibration solution helps deliver accurate, consistent and repeatable colour performance.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership.
NEC are prominent for products designed to last. The X461UN is no exception, in addition to heat management, automatic brightness control via AmbiBrightTM and ECO-mode will help prolong the display’s life. AmbiBrightTM will automatically adjust the backlight depending on the brightness of ambient lighting conditions. In addition, it allows the monitor to be set to automatically enter a power-saving mode when the ambient lighting falls below a predetermined value, which can considerably reduce energy costs. Eco-Mode conserves energy by allowing the user to define a setting for the backlight at a 50 or 75% brightness level.  


 MultiSync®X Series Models
   MultiSync® X461UN
Screen Size[inch]
Viewing Angle [°]
(typ. at contrast ratio 10:1)
178 horizontal / 178 vertical 
Contrast Ratio (typ.)
Brightness (typ.) [cd/m²]

500 (at 5°C - 40°C - factory setting);

650 (at 5°C - 20°C);

700 (at 5°C - 8°C)

Optimum Resolution
 1920 x 1080 at 60 Hz
Video Input

Analog: 1 x D-sub 15 pin; 1 x S-Video; 5 x BNC, Component, Composite (via BNC and Cinch)

Digital: 1 x DVI-D; 1 x HDMI 1.3

Video Output
 Analog: 5 x BNC, Composite (via BNC)
Bezel Width [mm]
 2.7 bottom/right; 4.6 top/left
Video Modes(no tuner) 480i; 480p; 576i; 576p; 2 x720p (50 and 60 Hz); 2 x 1080i (50 and 60 Hz); 2 x 1080p (50 and 60 Hz)

NaViSet®and NaViSet®Administrator compatible; OmniColor™ : sRGB and 6-Axis-Colour-Control

TCP / IP control; copy display settings through RS232; external ambient light + IR sensor; 10 bit LUT for calibration

10 x 10 Tile Matrix with up 100 IDs through RS232; user controllable back up fans with 2 speeds

   Frontal View
   Side View
   2x2 Matrice